The GameMania ARK Dino-Keller

Search for “GameMania” in the Serverbrowser.
You can find the Server via Steam-Serverlist too!
Steam -> View -> Server -> Favorites -> Add Server -> Add this IP-Address:

Our server has:
– 24/7 ARK-Server (at the newst version)
– 70 Slots
– The Island
– Laggfree Server
– Selected players whom you can trust
– VAC-Security

Now the uncomfortable part – the rules!
– No cheating / hacking
– No greefing from offline-players
– TeamSpeak 3-Duty!
– Who in harmony want to build, should seek a spawn point, which is still not settled.
– Spawn-Beds of other teams abuse is not permitted! This person is then outlaws.
– Killing offline players is forbidden if the bodys glitch by walls or lying around.

How to find the server on steam

Our ARK-server can be found with the steam browser. Unfortunately it is not always correctly displayed in the ARK server browser.

1. Klick on Steam, choose “Display” and klick on “Server”.

2. Klick on “favorites” and then “add”

3. Put in the IP and Port of the Server (IP:PORT) and klick on “add this server to favorites”

4. The Server is now at you favorties! With a dubbleclick you can join the server.

Note: If the server is not in the list, press a view times “refresh”.


You should know that:
The game is currently still in the early phase of the access.
This means the game often gets updates. So the game server! Therefore, we have to update it from day to day.
We update the server usually at night or in the morning, when no players are on the server. At this time, the server is not available up to 30 minutes!
Be patient a little.
For more information, look on the TS3 server and ask Hoerli!

The server disappears after 1 second from the server browser?
That’s normal. Unfortunately we can do nothing about it. This is a matter between steam and ARK.
If you were one time on the server, the server in the “History” tab is written. There he will not automatically disappear.
Therefore can you there all over again on the server join.