Welcome to the pixel world of Minecraft!
Join the Minecraft server of GameMania and build your own pixelwork!

IP: mc.gamemania.org
Port: 25565 (Standard)
Minecraft-Version: 1.13.2 (Always the latest major version)
Slots: 20
Whitelist: Active

What is played on our Sever?
Our server runs the latest version of the Bukkit server without any plugins.
This means that we play on a vanilla basis. So we run a nice “oldschool” server.
Anyone can join the server and start building. There are no limits for you.

How do you join the server?
1. read the rules (see below)
2. start the quiz and pass it >> Zum Quiz
At the end you will get a confirmation code + e-mail address
3. write your player name, confirmation code to the email you provided and get unlocked
4. you will receive an e-mail from us so that you have been activated (usually takes a maximum of 24 hours)
>> Start quiz (lasts maximum 2 minutes!)
Hint: Your e-mail address will only be used to contact the unlock confirmation and will then be irrevocably deleted. You will never receive advertising emails from us through the activation process!

Why do we have such a unlock process?
We’re playing on a vanilla base. There are no administrative plugins that prevent trolle from doing evil. With the activation we can contain this a bit and only let people on the server who have dealt with the rules.
So we protect not only you as a player, but also your buildings and the community.

Are there rules?
Yeah, you’ll find them further down.

Tips from GameMania for getting started on the server:
After you join, you’ll end up in the spawn area. This is a secure area where there are no zombies.
If you leave this area, you are on your own.
Now go as far away as you can. Best several thousand blocks, so that nobody will find you anymore! On the way you can e.g. collect food and e.g. put some wood in it.
Build a small place to spend the night in a nice place. Build a bed and sleep there a complete night. Now your bed is your spawn point in case you die.
Now you can do what you want!

Why a vanilla server?
We are therefore always available on the current Minecraft version.
There are also fewer bugs in the game and new features immediately available in the latest versions.
Since we also have only limited server capacities, a vanilla laser server is also good for the servers.

Why don’t we install different plugins?
We don’t want to overload Minecraft because we enjoy the main version as it is.
Although plugins can still extend the game extremely, this would require a lot of administrative effort for a very small number of players.
We also noticed that great plugins are no longer supported and / or will only be updated to the latest server versions after a long time.
We also don’t have a person in the team who knows the programming and adaptation of the plugins perfectly and can adapt the server to our wishes.
Since we have only limited server resources available, we cannot extend the servers extremely. Otherwise we would have to limit the slots further and it would often come to lags or server crashes.
If you know the Minecraft servers very well and are able to edit plugins in your sleep, join our team! Everything else can be found HERE!

Can I just drop by like this?
Unfortunately this is currently not possible. Why don’t you just drop by in the livestream?
We often do tours there so that you can see the world for yourself.

Tips & Tricks by GameMania:

– The server crashed and cannot be reached: Wait a few minutes. The server is monitored and should restart itself. If it does not go online after a long time, contact an administrator (by e-mail, TeamSpeak,…).
– Visit via live map (Open live map)
– Click into the livestream (open stream)
– Improve Minecraft performance to get more FPS
– Join the GameMania TeamSpeak 3 server to chat with your fellow players. (TeamSpeak 3 info page)
– With bread and stone tools, you can build a good base and survive the night.
– Talk to your fellow players and lie down in bed at night so that everyone has a current spawn point. If you can’t sleep, log out at short notice so that others can sleep.
– Boats will help you get over the water faster.
– Use your level to regularly create enchanted items. If you die, your level is gone. That would be a shame.

The rules on the server

Legal license
To play on our server you need a legal license of Minecraft (Java-Edition).
It is not possible to join the server with a crack.
It is also not possible to access the server with Windows 10 Edition. You need the Java-Edition.

No Camping at Spawn
After you joined for the first time, find a peaceful place in the big world. Build yourself a bed there and spend a night in bed so that this is your new spawning place.
Camping at the spawn area of the server is forbidden.

The server is full
If the server should be once full, then you must be patient unfortunately somewhat. Just watch the livestream (if online), because there you can see if someone goes offline.

Stay present!
As long as you are playing on the Minecraft server, you should have the livestream open and be present on TeamSpeak.
So you won’t miss any important information about the server and you can answer questions from the community.
This way you also support us, because we reach more and more potential players by a higher number of spectators!
We recommend for people with bad computers to set the livestream to 144p or 360p. This will save you computing power and bandwidth.

Your Internet is slow / has connection problems
Check your Internet connection and make sure it is working properly. If you have a very slow Internet connection, you can also stop the livestream.
If it happens that Lags (jerkers) through your PC or Internet connection damage your account (you get killed or lose something), you are liable yourself.
If you should have died by a bug, secure all evidence (screenshot, video, …) and contact an admin.

Cheats / Hacks
Cheats and hacks are generally prohibited on all GameMania servers.
When using cheating software we will permanently ban the accounts concerned.
We reserve the right not only to do this on user name level, but also to ban IP and MAC address if applicable.

TDM and deceitful killing of players
The killing of other players is forbidden, as far as this happens deceitfully and with full intention.
If you want to fight, fight the fight fairly and don’t draw innocent players in.
The PVP mode is deactivated most of the time on the server, but traps can be set.
If the PVP mode is activated, this will be announced.

Robbing players
Robbing other players is allowed, but only if they are online.
Robbing fellow players who are offline is not welcome.
Find a safe hiding place so you don’t get robbed.
There must be valid evidence for you to be robbed when you were offline. A simple “I wasn’t there” is not enough.

Destruct buildings
It is forbidden to destroy buildings indiscriminately. However, we cannot guarantee that this will not happen.
If an object is destroyed by a fair fight, you are liable for it yourself.
Anyone who randomly destroys buildings will be banned from the server.

Modifications for Minecraft
We allow the use of resource packages, shader mods and minicards that do not affect the game.
But resource packages like X-Ray are forbidden.
Also other mods that bring new items into the game are forbidden.

Group formation
Forming groups (teams) is allowed and provides more fun.
Mark your nicknames on TeamSpeak to match your group, as this is not possible on the server.

How you build your house is up to you.
But it is forbidden to build offensive objects.
Objects such as male or female genitals, texts with bad taste (e.g. swear words) and illegal objects (e.g. hoe crosses) are forbidden.
If these should be found, these are destroyed immediately by an admin and the player concerned is banished.

The trade of items is allowed. However, you can set the price yourself. There is no currency on the server!

You can create public portals and make them available to the community. However, these must be secured so that no entry of the portals is possible and a pass can happen in a safe way.
Private portals must be marked as private. These may only be used by the creator. The use of the portal happens on own danger.

Automatically generated buildings
If you find one of the automatically generated buildings (villages, temples, witch houses,…) you can loot them and collect the loot.
If the inhabitants (NPCs) resist and you get killed, you are responsible for it yourself.
The buildings can also be dismantled.
Whoever is there first, owns the building and the loot ­čÖé

DDOS, hacks and other illegal tools
The use of tools to harm the server (DDOS, hacks, …) is strictly forbidden.
If we catch someone doing this, they will be banned from all GameMania servers.
We are considering banning the account, IP address, MAC address and USER ID and reporting serious crimes to the police.
Advertisements are made both by us and by the hosting provider.

Bothering Admins / Moderators
It is forbidden to contact an administrator or moderator because of every little thing.
First of all, the dispute should be resolved.
Only an admin / moderator should be involved, if the matter cannot be clarified satisfactorily.
An admin will not help by incompetence of the player ­čśë

Using rule gaps
The exploitation of gaps in the rules and regulations is also prohibited.
Be fair and friendly to your fellow players.
Rely on your mind and reason.
In cases that are not clarified by the rules, the accused is liable.