GameMania stands for security and reconnaissance on the net. Therefore we have summarized the most important information here, where and how much data can be collected on our website. Read it carefully. If you have any questions, please contact the GameMania administration. We are happy to help!


IP storage:

Your IP addresses will only be stored here on the site for the visitor counter as long as you are on this site and do not use any other services that may include embedded elements on the current page such as advertising, YouTube, Twitch and other services are not included. Storage of addresses may therefore be possible.


data storage:

You can register for free on this page to always be the first to hear the latest news!
All you have to do is enter a username, a password and your e-mail address to confirm that you are a real person! This data will be stored 100% confidential on our website! None of your data will be sold to third parties! Your e-mail address will remain secret and your password will be encrypted! Your data is safer with us than with the NSA ­čśë


Safety and security:

The page NEVER asks for your password, unless you log in! There are NO premium accounts sold or any subscriptions taken out!
Should you ever be asked to enter your details, read EVERYTHING carefully! Pay attention also to head and foot lines as well as to links! Always pay attention to the domain address in the address bar. If this is no longer our address, leave the site immediately.


Affilate Programs:

We have entered into several partnerships with online shops. These include Amazon, G2A, MMOGA and other websites.
You can simply support us by clicking on the respective banner links of the shop. You get a Coockie in your browser, which points back to our website. If you buy something now, we get a part of the purchase price of the respective shop refunded.
The most important thing: For you it does NOT cost anything more! The products will ALWAYS remain the same. Therefore you can help us the easiest.
You only press a link here. We therefore do not ask for your login data or other information. You can log in afterwards, however, on the shop page completely normally and surely with your data.
Are there so-called “Tracker”. Yes. However, these track you only as long as you have the page open and possibly buy something. After you close your browser again, everything will be deleted.
If you don’t buy anything and don’t log in, we only store your IP at your respective shop.



YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Co.:

On the site you can find the social network plugins as well as various YouTube and Twitch videos. These are freely placed and can be clicked as desired.
Please note that YouTube has the “no-cockiee” function as well as the “SSL” function activated to further protect your privacy!
Using buttons like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is voluntary and helps us in our work as positive feedback! All data you share on the social networking platforms is therefore visible to other users of the networks! So please check your settings before you click on the buttons!



We have added a download region to the page! There you can download software for free! This can be a game or a useful program. All data is mostly hosted on other websites to save traffic and to protect the copyright. We have checked all data ourselves for viruses before they were made available for download here. We would like to point out however expressly ALL data on viruses to check with a current virus protection program to be exposed to no danger. The security of your computer and data is therefore always in the hands of the user!


Questions & Answer

Do you have a specific question about my site or just want to get your opinion about it?
No problem! You can always reach us via the email [email protected]!
We would also be happy about a positive feedback by means of a YouTube subscription or by pressing the social network buttons ­čśë



Keep Cool and just have Fun!