Report a cheater hacker

You’ve seen a cheaters / hackers on our servers or a person who does not respect the rules? We want a troll-free and fair play on our servers! Therefore we have a short tutorial for you, how you can easily report this person.

Try first to solve the problem:

Try first to inform these people their misconduct. Use the chat or voice chat in games. If this failing you can talk to a admin or moderator. Losses recorded (E.g. you have lost equipment,…) say this to the moderator too.

If you see a real cheater or hacker, then you must be sure, that this in fact also plays with no legal resources. Be sure, that there is no person who is just good! We noted in our reporting of scammers who are none. Who makes the wrong messages, gets no support and is locked out of the server if necessary.

Not able resolve the problem or it is really a cheaters / hackers, go through the following steps:

  1. Secure your evidence: Create screenshots, save the events as video and safe the chat (screenshots of it).
  • Screenshots: Simply create screenshots with your ‘ PRINT ‘ button on your keyboard and this paste in paint. Save the image as a PNG. You can create also with steam, uPlay, FRAPS or other programs screenshots.
  • Videos: Save on video the misconduct or the cheaters / hackers! Good tools for this are nVidia ShadowPlay, AMD gaming evolved or open broadcaster software. These programs have a shadow recording function, which can directly protect the past. You can use E.g. FRAPS.
  • Chatprotocol: In some games, you can mark off the chat and copy it. If this is not possible, make a screenshot of the Chatts. Use the arrow up / down keys on your keyboard to scroll in chat. (Not going into all the games!) You’ve been with friends there? Good! You should cover everything! Multiple points of view on the events, help us at work!
  1. Upload your evidence: Upload everything. Videos, screenshots, or protocols.
  • Screenshots: you can upload screenshots on various platforms. For this example upload pics, photos upload, DirectUpload, PicLoad, Picr images hosting are suitable, imgBOX and many more. You can also use your cloud such as OneDrive, dropbox and Google drive. Make sure that we are allowed to access these images / the files are online for everyone. Packaging in E.g. ZIP-archives is not desirable. Make sure that you load up the pictures in full resolution and names and details are clearly visible. Are blurry names or similar, we can’t be sure, that are the individuals in question! Then a fair solution is difficult.
  • Videos: You can upload videos on following platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or your Clouddrive. Watch that the videos have full resolution, and sufficient data rate for your recording. Are names or details too blurry, we can help you not 100%. A good audio is helpful. Let them therefore actively and mute nothing! A resolution of 1920 x 1080 would be great.
  • Protocols: You can send the moderators directly in TeamSpeak chat logs in text form. It is slightly more (about 1000 characters), you can do this on Mozilla Pastbin, PastBin, Clouddrives (oneDrive & co.) or FTP server. For security reasons, we accept no Office documents (Word, Excel,…). Use the Standart in TXT format.
  • ATTENTION: All data must be uploaded with the hosts 100% and be processed before contacting a moderator! Put the data on “Online”, so that everyone can see the data. This saves us time, that we can make available to other users and we can help you faster! Be sure that videos and screenshots are available in full resolution! Are videos only in 360p and not in 1080p available could any details be unrecognizable. Then it can be very difficult to help you!
  1. Contact us: Connect yourself on our TeamSpeak 3 Server and login your incident. Contact a moderator / Admin by write on chat and waiting until he responds! Everything else is settled then there!

Be ready with all links to the evidence. It is a troll,also make these to come on our TeamSpeak to resolve the matter fairly and quickly. If no help is online, get in touch via [email protected] directly to us! Send us all the necessary links and NO files as an attachment. Mails with attachment will be removed from our system for security reasons.

You died due to a bug in the game?

We’re sorry! Secure your death / loss with videos, screenshots and log and send this to a moderator / admin.We try to recreate this bug and fix it. Of course (if possible) you get everything back replaced!