TrackMania² Stadium

LoL Mini Fun Maps

Slots: 255
Mapstyle: LoL, Mini und Fun-Maps
Tracks: +100
Roundmode: Time attack

On this server we have a suitable mapmix for all friends of the short maps active. Here is a mix of LoL, Mini and some fun maps online!
So there is something for everyone who enjoys very short maps. Here you can use your skill and your intuition for cuts!
Up to 60000LP can be earned on this server.

Mixed Maps

Slots: 16
Mapstyle: Mixed Map-Style (FullSpeed, Tech, Mini)
Tracks: +100
Roundmode: Time Attack

We have a suitable mapmix active on this server. Here is a mix of Tech, FullSpeed and Mini-Maps online.
So there is something for everyone.
Up to 80000LP can be earned on this server.


Slots: 255
Mapstyle: Alle Nadeo-Maps
Tracks: 115
Roundmode: Time Attack

All Nadeo maps from the single player are available on this server.
Time Attack is set so that the maps which represent a circuit can also be driven.
On the server only 50000LP can be earned.

TeamPlay (Chase)

Slots: 255
Mapstyle: Easy Race-Maps
Tracks: –
Rundenmodus: Case

Play together with your teammate to get the best time on the server.
The team with the best lap time wins.
There are very simple maps on the server, so beginners also have a chance 😉

Enviroment Mixing

Slots: 255
Mapstyle: SpeedFun / FullSpeed / Tech
Tracks: 120
Roundmode: Time Attack

Maps with mixed environments.
Drive with the Stadium Car on Lagoon maps or with the Canyon Car in the Stadium. Everything is possible!

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