Since questions are often asked about how we produce our videos and whether we are allowed to do so at all, there is a FAQ here which answers all your questions!
[spoiler title=”Which programs do you use?”]For recording we mostly use freeware tools like nVidia’s ShadowPlay or Open Broadcaster software. for editing, everyone uses what they like and what they can handle well. some are satisfied with Sony Vegas, some prefer something from Magix and others prefer something from Adobe.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”What hardware do you use?”]Everyone has their own computer. If you don’t find this in the video description, just ask via Video Momentar if you want to know which hardware it is. We will write this to you.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”How can you record consoles?”]The XBox One can be recorded with the streaming option on Windows 10, with the Xbox app. Other consoles are recorded with so-called capture cards.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”What video formats do you use?”]The following formats have established themselves well on the Internet: MP4, WMV and MKV, of which we mostly use MP4 or WMV. The quality settings are usually as follows:
Resolution: 720p – 2160p
FPS: 30 – 60
Data rate: 3000kbps (at 720p) – 40000kbps (at 2160p)
Audio: 128kbps – 320kbps Stereo

We always rely on constant bit rates for video and audio.[/spoiler][spoiler title=”At what distance do you upload videos?”]We try to bring new videos online every day. Depending on how we currently find time to create new videos, it may take a little longer. If you visit our homepage frequently, you can always read there if there are new projects at the start![/spoiler][spoiler title=”Are you allowed to publish these videos and monitarize them at all?”]
Yes, we can! Otherwise we wouldn’t produce them ;)In order to prove this in case of possible grievances, we have documented everything here. Here you can find a list of developers / publishers, from which we upload games to the YouTube channel. If you need permission, you can view it by clicking on the link below.
Blizzard Entertaiment + Activision Blizzard
Bohemia Interactive
Electronic ArtsDuldungserklärungErhalte E-Mail (08.07.2016)
Rockstar Games / Take-Two
Square Enix – Everything except games of Square Enix Japan

This list will be extended if we play and upload games from other developers. When producing BETA material, please pay attention to the upload date/release date.

[/spoiler][spoiler title=”What music do you use in the videos?”]Either we use the music from the game, or we use GEMA-free music from the Internet, which is exactly what you’ll find in the video description. These songs have been reviewed by us and are released for YouTube videos as well as the monitarization and live streams.[/spoiler]



You have another question? Then ask us! You can reach us via [email protected] at any time!