Join the GameMania Mumble server now and talk to your fellow players instead of using text chat in the games! The server is free for everyone!

You are welcome to play on Mumble with your friends or create a private channel! Download Mumble for free now. DOWNLOAD! Mumble is a free open source VoIP client.


  • Name: GameMania
  • IP Address:
  • Port: 42069
  • Password: none!
  • Slots: 420

Server rules:

  1. no offensive usernames
  2. no spamming of websites / links to anything nonsensical
  3. no surreptitious advertising (via chat, nudge or user description)
  4. no insulting the users
  5. no mobbing of the users
  6. only 1x connect to the server with one account and not multiple times
  7. no playing of music in public channels
  8. no nudge spam against other users and admins
  9. no anwhisping of persons. This is only allowed with permission of the persons
  10. not flooding the server
  11. follow instructions of admins and moderators
  12. exploitation of rule gaps is forbidden
  13. the use of clan tags is allowed
  14. kicking from own channels is allowed

If you visit the server more often and spend some time there, admins will mark you as “Verified User”. Then we know who is a real user and who likes to troll.

If you break the rules you can be banned depending on the incident! To avoid problems like hacked accounts, always use a clean computer! If it should come nevertheless to a wrong ban or larger problem, contact simply an Admin! If you have a problem, you can stay in the support room. A moderator or admin will see you and help you as soon as possible.

This is how you can create a private channel:

  1. change to the channel “Private User-Channels
  2. click with the right mouse button on the channel
  3. select “Create Sub-Channel
  4. enter a name and password
  5. press OK You will be pushed into your channel automatically! Now everyone with the password can get into the channel! You only get the rights to create a channel in the “Private User-Channels”. From other channels it is not possible! If your created channel is empty, it will be deleted automatically.

Have fun talking!


Where can I find more information about the Mumble server and the channels?

  • Once here on the page a bit further up, or directly in the channel description of the main channels directly on the Mumble server!

Can I have a permanent channel?

  • For space saving reasons and for a better overview only the permanent guests get a permanent channel.

Does my channel have unlimited slots?

  • Yes it has. You can invite as many as you want there! The user limit is the total number of users of the Mumble server.

My partner sounds like a robot / I sound like a robot, what to do?

  • Check your internet connection / your friend should test his internet connection. If a person in the channel does not have enough bandwidth, they should lower the voice quality for themselves. There are no settings for this on the server.

Someone disturbs / harasses users, what to do?

  • Write directly to an admin / moderator. If he insults, threatens with hacks or has the stereo mix on, may be nudged with pleasure. We will take care of it immediately. As long as simply mute the person.

I want to stream music!

  • If you want to stream music to your friends via Mumble, use the private channels. It is forbidden to stream music in all public channels and in those of others. We ask you not to do this, because the music quality over Mumble is not good anyway and there are plenty of other ways to send your friends your favorite song.

AFK Channels?

  • If you are away for a short or longer time, switch to an AFK channel. This way you can easily tell your friends that you are away and admins / moderators can see this if there are problems.