Who we are

You’re sure to ask who we are and what we’re up to. This is briefly and briefly explained!
We of GameMania host for you Gameserver.
Our servers are free for everyone who has a valid copy of the respective game (he must have bought it).
We set the servers perfectly, so the best MapMix and ModMix is ​​available on the servers and never boredom.
Of course, our servers are also provided with all necessary cheat and hack-protection plugins.

In addition, we are also delivering news on gaming.
For the best entertainment, we also have a TeamSpeak 3 Server, which is available 24/7!

What do we not offer?
Gameserver you can host and edit.
We can not offer this at the moment. But let’s see what can be done …
We can add new servers for different games as far as we can!
Just ask for the administration!

Want to learn more about GameMania’s history?
Then look HERE!