Who we are

You are surely wondering who we are and what we offer here or?

GameMania is a group of online gamers, which hosts gameservers of different games and genres and makes them available to the world. We run several gameservers, which are perfectly tuned and equipped with all the necessary protection against hackers, cheaters and trolls. It is everyone with a legal copy of the game on the servers to join and have fun with us, provided that the rules are respected and followed. All information about the servers, you can find on the respective subpage.

We also offer an additional Teamspeak server where you can chat with the players on the server, or create a channel and invite your friends. This is also available 24/7.

Our goal is to create and run a fun online server for games. Cheaters, hackers and trolls are locked out. Besides we always try to provide a good connection to the servers and keep the servers up to date and performant. We also always welcome people who have server capacity left over to host new game servers or improve existing ones!

What we do not offer?

Gameservers that you can host and edit yourself. We can currently not offer that. But we can add new servers for different games, if there is enough interest! Just ask us for it! We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.

If you would like to know our history of origins, you can find it here.