TrackMania Nations Forever

Join now the craziest servers of GameMania!
Enter and fight not only for 1st place but also for Dedi 1!
We have different servers with different map types.



Slots: 16
Mapstyle: FullSpeed
Tracks: 60
Roundmode: Time Attack
LP: 40-80K

Here you can show your FullSpeed skills in the area. There are therefore only maps on the server that must be driven at high speed.
Who brakes loses!
These maps are not necessarily suitable for beginners. Therefore you should practice a little.


LoL Mini Fun

Slots: 255
Mapstyle: LoL + Mini
Tracks: 255+
Roundmode: Time attack
LP: 0-60K
FreeZone: Active!

These maps are very suitable for beginners and sometimes need a little luck or exploiting bugs in the maps.
How exactly the route works can be seen in GPS (Replays behind the start).



Slots: 255
Mapstyle: SpeedFun, Mini and FullSpeed-Maps in the range of 35-50 seconds
Tracks: 255+
Roundmode: Time attack
LP: 0-50K

They are usually simple maps, which are good to drive.
A balanced mix is important. Thus maps with a length of 35 – 50 seconds are available from every environment.

Server Administrators:
Pfirsich.x3 / Odumikaso